Catalent to Add Cryogenic Capabilities to Support Cell and Gene Therapy Development

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Catalent plans to add cryogenic capabilities to its facility in Philadelphia, which will strengthen its ability to cryogenically preserve cell therapies and other biological materials.

Catalent announced on April 15, 2021 that it has expanded its services at its clinical supply services facility in Philadelphia to include cryogenic capabilities for the support of cell and gene therapy development.

With the added cryogenic storage, cell therapies and other biological materials will be preserved in liquid nitrogen vapor at temperatures of around minus -180°C, Catalent said in a company press release. Additionally, the facility will have the ability to package, label, and distribute cryogenic materials.

“Establishing robust clinical supply chain services for cell and gene therapies is complex and challenging, and Catalent has undertaken an in-depth strategic review to evaluate how it can establish a safe, efficient, and flexible approach to support this fast-growing area of the industry,” said Ricci Whitlow, president, Catalent Clinical Supply Services, in the press release. “The solution we have implemented at Philadelphia not only meets current needs, but also provides a template for us to easily replicate at other facilities in our global network, allowing incremental capacity expansion within the new infrastructure as demand grows.”


Source: Catalent