Catalent Announces OneBio Suite

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New offering from Catalent targets integrated development and manufacturing of biologic drugs.

Catalent has announced plans to launch OneBio Suite, a new offering for the integrated development, manufacturing, and clinical supply of biologic drugs. The service will be introduced at the BIO International Convention, June 3–6, 2019, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

The company reported in a May 23, 2019 press statement that the offering has been designed “… to address the challenges facing biologic development companies that are looking to accelerate programs to clinic or market, or that require greater simplicity in the development process, including fewer internal resource needs and a reduced risk of rework.”

The OneBio Suite is built on Catalent’s track record in biologic drugs development, which includes more than 115 global clinical trials and 11 commercially marketed monoclonal antibodies using the company’s GPEx cell line development technology, and 20 approved products through fill/finish and commercial supply to global markets, the company reports.


“Time is often lost for sponsors on the path to clinic from contract negotiation, site inspections, handoffs, and poor communication between multiple vendors,” commented Bernie Clark, vice-president, marketing and strategy, Catalent Biologics & Specialty Drug Delivery in a press statement announcing the service. “Through our new OneBio Suite, Catalent is uniquely positioned to provide an integrated offering that can accelerate biologic development potentially shaving weeks to months off standard timelines and allowing our customers to get to clinic and market faster.”

Source: Catalent Biologics