CalAmp Launches End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility Solution for Cold Chain

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CalAmp's new sensor for cold-chain applications provides visibility for shipping vaccines.

CalAmp, a California-based connected intelligence company, announced in an April 21, 2021 press release that it has launched the SC1302 single-use smart tracking device that can monitor temperatures as low as -20 °C. The smart device provides granular visibility for the safe and efficient transport of COVID-19 vaccines and other high-value shipments.

The sensor integrates with CalAmp's SC iOn Supply Chain Visibility software solution for real-time, end-to-end monitoring of shipments through a web interface. Third-party logistics providers and others can monitor environmental conditions of environmentally-sensitive shipments throughout the supply chain. Sensor data can alternatively be integrated into other software solutions and managed through the CalAmp Telematic Cloud platform.

CalAmp's wireless sensors and other reusable and single-use devices track and collect data, such as temperature, light, shock, vibration, and location throughout the shipment journey. During flight or if out of cellular coverage, the sensors will continue to log the environmental data and automatically synchronize with CalAmp's fixed and mobile hubs once back in range.


Complete logging of data helps document chain of custody in compliance with good distribution practice requirements.
The sensors and disposable devices use GPS tracking to provide near real-time delivery estimates, current location, and progress reports. Alerts notify users if the cargo deviates from the planned route and can indicate if a shipment is moving or stalled. The system integrates with electronic data interchange or enterprise resource planning systems to facilitate information sharing.

Source: CalAmp