BioPlan Associates Releases New Report

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The 12th Annual Report and Survey of Biomanufacturing is now available.

A wealth of new industry insight is now available, thanks to the release of BioPlan Associate’s quantitative report, the 12th Annual Report and Survey of Biomanufacturing.

The report finds that the worldwide pharmaceutical market is worth more than $200 billion and is doubling approximately every five years. Additionally, new capital equipment budgets are on the rise, which could bode well for the increased backing of continuous manufacturing efforts and the increased interest in improving productivity and manufacturing processes overall.

China is now considered the number one potential outsourcing destination for the biopharmaceutical industry, notes the report, although the United States continues to be the main source for invention, development, and manufacture of biologic products. Importantly, major contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) are reporting revenue increases for biosimilar contracts, demonstrating that as more biosimilars are approved by FDA, manufacturers may need more back-end support for development of their products. While there may be more capital available, and hiring is growing rapidly in major areas, the report finds that 51% of companies still feel they are unable to hire the right process development staff.


The nearly 500-page report from BioPlan includes the latest biopharma trends and includes more than 200 graphs and 20 tables with industry insights. For more information about the report, please visit

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