Biogen Idec Drops the Idec

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The company’s new corporate name will be simply Biogen.

Following big news about the efficacy of aducanumab, an experimental drug for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, Biogen Idec announced on Mar. 23, 2015 that it is dropping the Idec from its corporate identity after 12 years and will go by Biogen. Biogen Idec was a name originally crafted in 2003 when Biogen merged with IDEC pharmaceuticals.

CEO George A. Scangos, PhD, explained in a note on Biogen’s website that Biogen is now a new company, “distinct from either parent,” and will be represented by a new logo. In the statement, Scangos paid homage to IDEC’s contributions in the past: “IDEC was the source of two important cancer treatments that have helped millions of patients worldwide and contributed tremendously to our success. IDEC’s innovation will always be part of our history, with its leaders and scientists honored in our corporate headquarters.”

Biogen’s focus in the future will be drugs for illnesses with significant unmet medical needs. "Five years down the road, with some luck, we'll have an Alzheimer's drug that's getting approved,” Scangos told Reuters. "I hope we can transform the treatment of MS. By that time, we will have made substantial progress on ALS and other nerve degenerative diseases, spinal muscular atrophy in kids.”


Source: BiogenReuters