Batavia Biosciences Expands Viral Vector Facilities

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The company announced plans to expand its viral vector process development facilities in the United States and its cleanroom facilities in the Netherlands for vector-based products.

On Oct. 16, 2017, Batavia Biosciences, a Dutch company specializing in the acceleration of biopharmaceutical product candidates from discovery to the clinic, announced that it is expanding its viral vector process development facilities in the United States, as well its cleanroom facilities in the Netherlands, to accommodate increasing market demand.

“Recent advances in cancer vaccines and gene therapy have given rise to a profound increase in the global demand for process development and clinical manufacturing of vector-based products,” said Chris Yallop, chief security officer at Batavia Biosciences, in a company press release.

Through these expansions, the company’s R&D facility in Medford, MA, will have complete pre-clinical process development capabilities for viral vectors, including adeno-associated virus, Lentivirus, vesicular stomatitis virus, and adenovirus systems, to its portfolio of Chinese hamster ovary cell-line generation. The facility will also have complete process development services for recombinant proteins and antibodies. Expansion of cleanroom facilities in Leiden, the Netherlands, will support the manufacturing of master cell banks and vaccine seed stocks.


Source: Batavia Biosciences