Avid Bioservices Expands Biologics Manufacturing Capacity

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The second phase of the Myford facility expansion in California will add upstream and downstream processing suites.

Avid Bioservices, a biologics contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), has started the second phase of the company’s two-phase effort to expand the overall manufacturing capacity of its Myford facility in California, the company announced on Feb. 22, 2021. A second manufacturing train with both upstream and downstream processing suites, known as Myford South, will be completed in 18 to 24 months, the company estimates.

The project’s first phase, started in the fourth quarter of 2020, expands the production capacity of the company’s existing manufacturing train within the northern side of the Myford facility by adding a second downstream processing suite. This phase will take approximately 12 to 15 months to complete, the company estimates.

“With the continued strong growth that we have experienced in both revenue and customer demand in recent months and quarters, we feel that Avid is in a strong position to kick off the second phase of our Myford facility expansion,” said Nicholas Green, president and CEO of Avid Bioservices, in the press release.


Source: Avid Bioservices