Avantor Debuts New Packaging Platform for Dry Powder Products

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Avantor released a packaging platform that allows for the direct dispensing of chemicals-such as salts, buffers, and cell culture ingredients-into processing equipment.

During the CPhI meeting, Avantor Performance Materials announced the debut of the J.T. Baker Direct Dispense platform, which allows chemicals in bags to be clamped directly to bioprocessing equipment for the uninterrupted delivery of pre-weighed salts, buffers, and cell culture media.

The new platform allows operators to dispense ingredients within 1% of the customer’s specifications, said Roland Heinrich, PhD, chief commercial officer at Avantor, in a press release, thus, “eliminating time-consuming subdivision and kitting steps.” Additionally, the platform is compatible with contact-free near-infrared testing instruments, eradicating the need for operators to break the package to test physical samples. The platform ensures chemicals flow freely into machines without caking and works with most single-use manufacturing equipment.


Source: Avantor