Advanco Acquires Vantage Consulting Group

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Advanco’s acquisition of Vantage Consulting Group boosts its position as a provider of independent pharmaceutical serialization solutions.

Advanco, a global pharmaceutical and life sciences track and trace solutions provider, announced the acquisition of Vantage Consulting Group, a manufacturing company specializing in automation, on June 15, 2023. The acquisition will strengthen Advanco’s position in providing serialization solutions for the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, according to a company press release.

With the acquisition, Advanco will be now able to provide integrated design, implementation, and validation engineering services along the entire supply chain, from raw material handling through to distribution and warehousing services. Furthermore, Advanco will be able to provide these services in compliance with the most updated regulatory requirements specific to geographic regions.

Advanco will retain its training and support services and will continue to offer on-site and remote training in serialization. The company’s 24/7 global support services will also remain in effect for all systems.

Under the transaction, John Jordon, president of Vantage, will join the Advanco leadership team, and the Vantage staff will be folded into Advanco’s operations. Alf Goebel, CEO of Advanco, will retain his position.


“Advanco’s acquisition of Vantage is a strategic move, designed to offer clients a sophisticated suite of products and services across the full spectrum of the supply chain,” said Goebel in the press release. “Advanco’s established ARC platform and software expertise is now fully bolstered by the design, implementation, and validation expertise offered by the team from Vantage.”

“Vantage prides itself on designing and implementing complex manufacturing and automation solutions, delivered in a way that fosters trust, transparency, and honesty with every client in every transaction,” said John Jordon, president, Vantage, in the release. “Advanco has an identical pedigree and shares a track record of client excellence across all that it does. We are therefore looking to the future with excitement as we continue to provide the entire supply chain with all that it needs for future success.”

Source: Advanco