Abzena and Argonaut Announce Strategic Manufacturing Partnership

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The pairing of Abzena and Argonaut Manufacturing Services is the result of several years’ worth of collaborative work between the two companies.

Abzena and Argonaut Manufacturing Services, two contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs), announced on June 20, 2024 their new, strategic partnership intended to provide fully integrated drug substance and product manufacturing solutions for biopharmaceutical organizations, saying the union would provide a “seamless transition” from drug discovery through drug product manufacturing for the industry (1,2).

In a joint press release issued by the two companies, Abzena described itself as a leading end-to-end integrated CDMO for complex biologics and bioconjugates, and Argonaut was recognized as a current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) CDMO aligned with the biopharmaceutical and diagnostics industries—combined, these characteristics enable a streamlined approach for customers who want to rapidly progress therapies into a clinic or further into later-stage commercial manufacturing, according to the companies (1,2).

The CEOs of the two companies weighed in on the new alliance.

“Abzena’s mission is to rapidly move medicines forward to patients in need. Embarking on this strategic partnership with Argonaut further demonstrates our commitment to this mission, marking a significant milestone in our quest to provide streamlined solutions that address the unique needs of our customers,” Abzena CEO Matt Stober said. “This collaboration signifies a pivotal advancement in biopharmaceutical development and reinforces the shared vision of both our organizations to drive innovation, quality, and speed to market for our customer’s life-changing treatments.”


“For the past few years, Argonaut and Abzena have been successfully building and strengthening their partnership,” Argonaut CEO Wayne Woodard said. “Today, we further enhance this collaboration by publicly recognizing the value that our two companies can generate for our clients. Ecosystems are an integral part of our business, and these partnerships are crucial in providing comprehensive support to all our clients, regardless of their size, to ensure efficient and successful delivery of their drugs to patients.”

The press release said that Abzena’s comprehensive antibody discovery, development, and CGMP manufacturing capacity would be “harmonizing” with Argonaut’s sterile fill/finish technology to maximize efficiency, and speed up the timeline for drug development (1,2).

Furthermore, the partnership intends to dissolve the “white space” in drug development for biopharma companies by bringing a full range of activities under a single development and manufacturing team: from early discovery services like antibody engineering and formulation, cell line, and process and analytical development, to clinical and commercial manufacturing of both substance and product (1,2). Not only will this improve efficiency, the companies said, but it is also expected to make decision-making faster and more informed and reduce complexities within the supply chain.

Abzena’s main offices are in San Diego, Calif., with additional locations in Bristol, Pa. and Cambridge, UK. Argonaut is headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif.


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