BioPharm International-09-01-2006

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September 01, 2006

In case you haven't heard, Jeffrey Kindler, Pfizer's general counsel, is replacing long-time CEO Henry "Hank" McKinnell as the new head of the company. There is a long-range strategy in naming a lawyer to run a drug company and I'll get to that in a moment.

Taking a purist stance is always tempting. It can, however, have unintended consequences.

Companies faced with real or threatened FDA sanctions are usually least prepared to react effectively.

Better supplier management can begin in parallel to production-related improvements.

Steam traps are part of a steam-in-place system. The current design allots 18 in. of vertical leg for condensate backup. A design with a sensitive bellows has been proven in laboratory tests to need only 6 in. of vertical leg during the 15 min. of 121?C sterilization. Loads of 1 to 27 lb/h are covered by the capability of the new trap, equivalent to required steam for vessels 20 to 40,000 L.


September 01, 2006

Increasingly, pharmaceutical companies have recognized that software development is not their core competency.

Good risk management tools dictate how much assay performance characteristics can deviate from ideal.

There is growing support for new partnership arrangements that seek to expand drug research by reducing the financial risk for manufacturers.

China is becoming a much more sophisticated economy, with a large and well-educated workforce.