BioPharm International-02-01-2014

Perspectives on Outsourcing

February 01, 2014

CMOs may find opportunities in alternative expression services.

European Beat

February 01, 2014

High technology assessments are having an impact on biosimilars development in Europe.

Advances in instrumentation, software, and methodologies provide more information than ever on the higher-order structure of proteins.

The biopharmaceutical industry contemplates product innovation within the changing landscape of healthcare.

Automated sample handling, advanced glycan analysis and specially designed columns are helping biosimilar manufacturers speed up confirmation of the biosimilarity of their products.

Studies show diminished cell growth properties associated with some biocontainer or bioreactor films.

From the Editor

February 01, 2014

ISPE and PDA take on the challenge of recommending quality metrics.

Accurate protein concentration results can be obtained using standard spectrophotometers and commercially available short path length absorption cells.

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