Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies


Characterizing Protein Aggregation With Orthogonal and Complementary Analytical Techniques

Use flow imaging microscopy, light obscuration, and dynamic light scattering for particle analysis in protein formulations.

Characterization of Protein Aggregates and Other Particles in Biopharmaceuticals

In this case study we use a model protein formulation containing silicone oil microdroplets to show how flow imaging microscopy with FlowCam can help analyze particles in biotherapeutic samples.

Early Detection of Aggregation in Biotherapeutic Formulations

Submicron Flow Imaging Microscopy with FlowCam Nano enables researchers to detect particulate sources like API aggregation and bacterial contamination that may lead to particle agglomeration if not addressed.

Measuring Subvisible Particles and Aggregates Using FlowCam LO

Light obscuration analysis is standard, but size data alone is not adequate to ensure safe and effective drugs. FlowCam LO combines light obscuration and flow imaging in a single instrument.