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FARRAR™ ULC Series Temperature Recovery to -80°C from Door Opening

Conventional freezer technology may take hours to days to recover to a -80°C set point after a door opening, leaving valuable drug product/drug substance at risk and compromising sample integrity. Watch as the FARRAR ULC Series recovers from a 30-second door opening back to -80°C in under 20 minutes.

Safeguarding Performance and Sample Integrity: Solutions to Achieve Flexibility in Freezing and Storage Applications

The need for -60°C through -80°C assets to help future-proof manufacturing facilities has increased significantly over the past decade - clinical research investments have expanded while commercial-scale needs continue to transform the landscape. Cold wall remains the gold standard due to a lack of alternative solutions. Several factors, however, have placed stress on cold-wall technologies to perform in applications for which they were not designed or intended.

FARRAR + GRAM Collaboration Yields Fast Turn, Smaller Footprint and Precise Control

Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing (“GRAM”) needed commercial-scale, ultra-low temperature capacity units at -50°C delivered immediately to store forthcoming raw materials. A typical timeline for these solutions can run months, which did not meet GRAM’s needs. Working with FARRAR and creating cross-company project team enabled a typically long delivery cycle to be completed quickly and safely, with storage beginning 18 business days after the initial call (including a national holiday). Matthew Van Gessel, Senior Manager of Capital Projects and Expansion at GRAM, stated, “In a matter of weeks, the FARRAR and GRAM teams went from placing the order to installation, qualification, release, and use of the -50°C freezers. The strength in partnership and culmination of responsive communication and coordination between the two teams resulted in the expedited outcome.

Ultra-Low Temperature Considerations in BioProcessing

The biotechnology industry is both vast and complex, with sectors varying from agricultural to pharmaceutical. Regardless of the sector, the goal remains the same – benefiting society through the creation of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, agricultural, environmental, and other products that utilize living cells and cellular materials. These products demand the development of innovative bioprocessing techniques as well as advanced equipment that can support each stage in the flow. Check out this technical article to learn more about ultra-low temperature considerations for bioprocessing.

4000 Series Controlled Rate Chamber: Innovative Freezer Technology Revolutionizes Biologic Drug Handling

The significant growth of the biologic drug market, bolstered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the development of relevant vaccines, along with the growing complexity and fragility of biologic drugs, has led to a need for improved freezing and thawing methods. While biologic drugs are becoming more mainstream as the pharmaceutical industry focuses on their development, maintaining high yields becomes critical to enabling timely introduction to the market and ensuring sufficient supplies. New technology exists that can help ensure higher yields and help meet demand timelines. Check out this white paper to learn more.