Stephanie Sutton

Stephanie Sutton was an assistant editor at Pharmaceutical Technology Europe.


Drug Discovery Initiative Launched in Europe

An international consortium of pharmaceutical companies, academia, research organisations and other related entities have launched a new platform to help enhance drug discovery in Europe.

GSK Announces Joint Venture for Pediatric Vaccine

GlaxoSmithKline has formed a joint venture with Indian vaccines company Biological E to research and develop a six-in-one combination pediatric vaccine to help protect children in India and other developing countries from certain infectious diseases.

EMA Updates Guideline for Anticancer Medicines

The European Medicines Agency has revised its guideline for the evaluation of anticancer medicinal products.

EFCG Calls for Inspections of API Manufacturers

The European Fine Chemicals Group has proposed that mandatory inspections be introduced for all global API manufacturers wishing to supply the European Union market.