Medical Devices Case Study

On average, cargo is handled seven times between a manufacturer and a client. As medical equipment moves through the supply chain and hospitals, it can experience mishandling which effects the performance and calibration of the product. With medical devices becoming increasingly sophisticated, they’re more likely to be damaged unless proper precautions are taken. RFID impact indicators alert teams to possible damage due to impact as well as track equipment in use, lowering the loss of due to misplaced or stolen devices.

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution System

Delivering COVID-19 vaccines to 7.8 billion people was a daunting challenge that stretched supply chains past their limits. This white paper dives into vaccine distribution plans and what vaccine manufacturers, distributors and administrators can take away from this monumental time in both the industry and history. Learn how temperature indicators and monitoring solutions played an essential role in the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Freeze Indicator Case Study

With telemedicine, more medications and diagnostics are being shipped directly to patients’ homes and – for diagnostics, from a home to a lab. Discover how a freeze indicator can guarantee this precious cargo does not freeze during the process. A simple visual check alerts the recipient if the temperature has been unacceptably cold.

Flu Vaccine Cold Chain Case Study

With millions of doses of the influenza vaccine being administered during the flu season, it's essential to make sure every vaccine is well protected. Discover how indicators can trigger only when product temperatures have exceeded maximums for a specific period of time. With at-a-glance ease, healthcare professionals can know instantly whether vaccines maintained proper temperatures during shipping adding confidence that vaccines have maintained their efficacy.

Choosing the Right Temperature Monitoring Solution

Data loggers, data monitors and temperature indicators are three reliable solutions for determining what has occurred during shipping and handling of pharmaceuticals. Deciding which temperature monitoring solution will work best for your operation depends upon the product, its value, delivery method and stage in the supply chain. Discover which solution is right for you in our white paper.