Pipette Calibration Matters: How to Perform an ISO 8655 Compliant Calibration?

As pipettes touch virtually every experiment, they influence the accuracy and repeatability of the experimental data.

MYCAP CCX®: Cell Expansion of the Future

-The MYCAP CCX system removes the need to perform transfers in a biosafety cabinet -Reduces the risk of contamination by eliminating significant nonaseptic procedures

Single-Use System Integrity

-Higher integrity assurance is needed for single-use systems -An integrity-testing strategy may be required to meet regulatory expectations -New scientific and technological approaches offer stronger integrity

Best Practices for Improving Laboratory Efficiency

• Analytical method development and testing tips • Using automation in cell-line development • Boosting efficiency with mechanical pipettes

Pipetting Ergonomics

Good pipetting ergonomics requires proper tool selection and optimized working environment. This whitepaper explores many published studies and other factors related to pipetting ergonomics.

Improving accuracy in serial dilutions using the electronic pipette

Because we understand the risks of repetitive pipetting, we focus on ergonomics in every product we make. Simply put, you can use our equipment while working in a comfortable posture and with minimum effort and strain.

Boosting Efficiency: Cell Culture Media Optimization

Weighing Practices for Biopharmaceutical Quality Control