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A Cost Analysis and Evaluation of Perfused Seed Train Scenarios Through Process Modeling

This article explores process modeling and compares process economics between a conventional upstream process and three perfused seed train alternatives

Upstream Intensification – Enabling Perfusion Processes with Cell Retention Technologies

This white paper provides an overview on an enabling cell retention solution resulting in greater cell-mass to achieve significantly higher titers.

Strategies for Upstream Intensification

In this white paper, we discuss seed train intensification strategies to leverage productivity increases and drive down costs.

Shifting the Biomanufacturing Paradigm - Intensifying Upstream Processes

Discover the benefits of using next generation processes and options to consider towards your path to upstream success.

Seed Train Intensification Using High Cell Density Cryopreservation and Specially-designed Expansion Medium

We explore seed train intensification approaches which deliver significant upstream process improvements in speed, flexibility and reliability.

Preparing CHO Cells for Higher Productivity by Optimizing a Perfused Seed Train

Learn a seed train intensification strategy for increasing productivity and biomass using perfusion technology.

Implementing High Cell Density Cryopreservation in your Intensified Seed Train

Learn about the approaches used in upstream intensification to shorten the seed train workflow, improve reproducibility, and reduce the risk of contamination.

Evaluation of Novel Cell Retention Technology and Cell Culture Media for N-1 Perfused Seed Train

Achieve greater upstream productivity with intensified processing via a perfused seed train.