Jill Wechsler

Jill Wechsler is Pharmaceutical Technology's Washington Editor, jillwechsler7@gmail.com.


COVID-19 Vaccine Makers Overcome Challenges to Ramp Up Production

To prevent future production delays of critical products, the Biden administration is examining supply chain vulnerabilities for pharmaceutical ingredients as part of a longer-range consideration of products important to public health.

FDA Blasts Misleading Opioid Promotion

FDA issued a public statement and press release, along with a sharp warning letter rebuking AcelRx Pharmaceuticals for its messaging on painkiller Dsuvia.

FDA Documents Recent Achievements, Maps Plans for Continued Progress

Reviews of FDA initiatives and activities recapitulate efforts to assess and approve new drugs, generic drugs, and biologics and strategies for advancing new initiatives.

Where Are the Therapeutics to Combat COVID-19?

Scientists and policy makers are looking more sharply at the lag in identifying and producing medicines to moderate early infections and to treat seriously ill patients.