G-CON Manufacturing, Inc.


G-CON Clean Solutions Cleanroom Products

Now supplying cleanroom doors, panels and accessories for all cleanroom applications.

Introducing the floorlessPOD from G-CON

The first of its kind prefabricated cleanroom system that integrates with the host facility floor.

Why G-CON Clean Solutions is the Choice for Your Cleanroom

G-CON Clean Solutions has a best in class offering of cleanroom doors, panels and accessories for all cleanroom applications.

G-CON… Certainty. Delivered.

G-CON is fulfilling the needs of reliable and fast deliverable capacities for the biopharmaceutical industry. Through a well-defined customer needs driven approach to design, production, installation and qualification, G-CON provides a fully functional cleanroom product portfolio enabling reliable biocapacity planning on-time and within-budget.

Prefabricated Cleanrooms for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

In 2019, G-CON provided the cleanroom solution for GenCure’s new multi-product cell therapy facility. The new facility expands GenCure’s manufacturing capabilities, providing state-of-the-art manufacturing services to therapeutic developers.

Transmissible Disease Defense Units

Transmissible diseases are no longer scarce and geographically limited, but are becoming a frequent occurrence. To prevent the spread of outbreaks, detection and containment are the first line of defense.