Daniel E. Worden


Information Age Audits

Understanding the reach of 21 CFR Part 11 is the first step to assessing its impact. To protect your company, you need integrated quality audit solutions to evaluate the underlying validation of your electronic data.

Making Regulatory Compliance a Core Process: Director and Officer Liability Exposure

by Joseph F. Noferi, Edward R. Arling, and Ralph H. Dillon, Pharmacia GS API Biopharma, global supply, and Daniel E. Worden, Worden Enterprises FDA is no longer complacent, punishing noncompliant companies with puny fines, those small slaps at the financial bottom line. FDA?s thunder now includes multimillion dollar fines, permanent injunctions, and prison sentences for senior executives. Companies that emerge as winners in today?s environment are those that treat compliance and risk management with the same flawless planning and execution that they use for their business plans and their financial investments.

Beyond QSIT

by Joseph F. Noferi, Pharmacia GS API Biopharma and Daniel E. Worden If a process is out of control, an FDA inspector will find it, eventually. Companies that emerge as winners will be those that embrace compliance as a core business practice. Systems models provide strategic competitive advantage.

21 CFR Part 11: (Un)Expected Added Value

By Joseph F. Noferi, Esq., Ralph Dillon, and Daniel E. Worden, pp. 44-50. Implementing the ERES rule will do more than make your organization compliant with federal regulations. It will strengthen its intellectual property position for the information age.