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Achieving High Yield, Versatility, and Scalability for Adherent Cell Culture with Circulation/Perfusion Systems

With the ever-growing demand for vaccines and advanced therapy products, cell culture platforms are challenged to provide cost-effective, high-yield production that can easily transition from process development through large-scale manufacturing. Ann Rossi Bilodeau, Ph.D. from Corning Life Sciences discusses what the Corning® CellCube® has to offer for the end user.

The Race to Billions How Amplifying Adherent Cultures Can Get You There

In this podcast, we speak with Austin Mogen, Ph.D., Sr. Field Application Scientist and Cat Siler, Ph.D., Field Application Scientist both from Corning Life Sciences about the available platforms for adherent cell culture scale-up. These platforms offer the potential to reduce time and cost while delivering high efficiency for a variety of adherent applications.