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IDT Biologika and Exothera Partner on Viral Vaccines Manufacturing

Under a collaboration, IDT Biologika and Exothera will conduct feasibility studies on scaling up the manufacturing process for viral vector-based vaccines.

GSK Receives European Approval for Three Additional Indications of Nucala

GSK has been granted approval by the EC for its monoclonal antibody therapy, Nucala (mepolizumab), as a treatment for three additional eosinophil-driven diseases.

CPhI Launches First Part of Annual Report Ahead of Digital Expo

CPhI has launched the first part of its Annual Report.

Career FDA Leaders Say Science Is Agency’s Guide

In an opinion article, FDA leaders commit to applying “the best science” to approval decisions.

Introduction and Acknowledgements

Welcome to BioPharm International's Guide to Formulation, Fill, and Finish, focused on pharmaceuticals — mainly proteins — produced by biologic means.

Stability is the Key

Biopharmaceutical formulation is primarily about stability and the product's mode of use. The route of administration (drug delivery, see next chapter) and the manufacturing process must be considered, along with the molecule's intrinsic stability factors. Because proteins and peptides are such large molecules and exist to interact with their environment, they are somewhat fragile. They must be protected from denaturation and degradation until they can be delivered to their site of action in a patient's body.


Biopharmaceutical Process Extractables Core Team. Evaluation of extractables from product-contact surfaces. BioPharm International 2002; 15(12):22-34.

Preformulation Means Characterization

A biopharmaceutical drug can go into development before anyone knows much about how it works. The protein may be identified through genomics or proteomics activities or through more traditional medical research. It may initially be associated with a particular disease process or a certain metabolic event. In any case, its mechanism of action - as well as many of its structural characteristics and biochemical properties - may be unknown. One of the more challenging aspects of developing protein pharmaceuticals is dealing with and overcoming the inherent physical and chemical instabilities of proteins. This inherent instability has the potential to alter the state of the protein from the desired (native) form to an undesirable form (upon storage), compromising patient safety and drug efficacy. The set of activities related to overcoming the inherent instability of the drug is referred to as formulation development.