Testing the Broth

Published on: 
BioPharm International, BioPharm International-10-15-2016, Volume 2016 eBook, Issue 2
Pages: s20-s22

Experts discuss recent advances in cell viability testing methods in bioreactors.

Cell viability in a bioreactor can be measured in real time in a bulk vessel. Measurements can be done on-line via a bypass loop, inline (inside the vessel), and offline, wherein the measurement device is disconnected physically from the vessel, experts from Sartorius including Stuart Tindal, PhD, product manager, PAT and automation; Jochen Scholz, PhD, senior scientist, R&D instrumentation and control; Mario Becker, director, PAT and automation; and Marek Hoehse, PhD, senior scientist, R&D spectroscopy and MVDA, recently told BioPharm International. These individuals, along with John Carvell, PhD, sales and marketing director of Aber Instruments Ltd., and John Gleeson, director at process sensor sales at Hamilton Company, spoke with the publication to explain how to best measure cell viability in a bioreactor and ensure that process parameters stay stable.



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