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Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp. is a leading global provider of fine chemicals, laboratory equipment and supplies serving more than 120 industries in 70 countries. The company offers more than 250,000 products in laboratory, scale-up and bulk quantities including the largest selection of USP-NF-FCC-BP-EP-JP chemicals in the world.

The company’s bioCERTIFIED™ quality management system and chemicals portfolio are uniquely tailored to help biopharmaceutical manufacturers meet global regulatory requirements, ensure bioprocessing success and speed time to market. From upstream to downstream bioprocessing, bioCERTIFIED materials are subject to in-house testing in cGMP-compliant facilities to ensure that chemicals and ingredients meet stringent quality standards. Plus, bioCERTIFIED products undergo additional testing for bioburden, endotoxin and elemental impurities.

Spectrum Chemical’s capabilities include extensive analytical testing of its products in three state-of-the-art facilities. The company also provides extensive scientific documentation with supply chain transparency and change control required for quality-driven industries such as biopharma.

Spectrum Chemical supplies hundreds of unique cell culture additives in a wide range of packaging sizes throughout the world. Product offerings cover everything from research grade chemicals for upstream R&D and cell culture, through cGMP chemicals for scale-up and production, as well as cleaning-in-place solutions.

The company also distributes ANGUS-branded TRIS AMINO™ AC USP/EP and BIS-TRIS Biologics grade buffers in North America. These products are ideal as buffering agents in cell culture and bioprocessing applications, as well as purification of biological molecules in downstream processing.

In addition, Spectrum Chemical offers a curated portfolio of inorganic salts from Macco Organiques for biopharma and parenteral drug products.

Additional capabilities include:

Modern ISO Class 8 certified clean
packaging facilities

Custom and batch-specific packaging, labeling and production sizes to meet specific requirements

Auditing and quality management controls

Expert technical service and consultative support

ISO 9001:2015 certified and FDA-registered

For more than 50 years thousands of quality-driven organizations have trusted Spectrum Chemical. For more information, visit SpectrumChemical.com.

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