Oncobiologics, inVentiv Health Partner for Biosimilars Development

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Oncobiologics, Inc. and inVentiv Health announced a global strategic partnership around clinical development for all assets in Oncobiologic?s biosimilar pipeline.

Oncobiologics, Inc. and inVentiv Health announced on Aug. 6 a global strategic partnership around clinical development for all assets in Oncobiologic’s pipeline. The partnership will initially focus on biosimilar assets and could be expanded to include innovative molecules.

Through the partnership, inVentiv Health will provide leadership and execution for clinical studies, as well as the corresponding bioanalytical support for those trials. As the assets are commercialized, the partnership will be broadened to include inVentiv’s commercialization capabilities in select countries. The current biosimilar assets include generic versions of Humira, Rituxan, Avastin, Herceptin and Erbitux.

“After an exhaustive global review of potential partners, we selected the broad-scale inVentiv platform as an important differentiator for our program as this partnership spans both clinical and bioanalytical development as well as commercialization of our biosimilar assets. inVentiv is able to take the scope of these agreements to a much broader level by working across the full development life cycle of each biosimilar and innovator product while preparing for a successful market launch. With their willingness to share in the risk/reward of our development programs, our firms are a perfect fit, both technically and culturally,” said Oncobiologics Founder & CEO, Pankaj Mohan, PhD in a company statement.


Ray Hill, President, inVentiv Health Clinical added, “We are thrilled to partner with Oncobiologics and to be a part of their highly capable biosimilars consortium. With their recent global partnering successes, we look forward to helping Oncobiologics bring their biosimilar assets through clinical trials and into the marketplace. By joining their fully-integrated CMC capabilities with inVentiv’s broad clinical and commercial expertise, we are creating a venture that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.”

Source: Oncobiologics, Inc.