Oligonucleotide Therapeutics: Chemistry and therapeutic modalities

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Thursday, November 3, 2022 Session 1: 10 am CST | 11 am JST (APAC) Session 2: 1 pm GMT | 2 pm CET (EMEA) Session 3: 2 pm EST | 11 am PDT (Americas) (Americas)Register for our educational webinar series presented by Professor Tom Brown, University of Oxford and learn more about the advances in oligonucleotide therapeutics and diagnostics!

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Event Overview:

Nucleic acid‐based therapeutics that regulate gene expression have been developed towards clinical use at a steady pace for several decades, but in recent years the field has been accelerating. A major technology trigger for this development has been progress in oligonucleotide chemistry to improve drug properties such as stability, cellular uptake and target delivery. In this first episode of a series of educational webinars with Professor Tom Brown at University of Oxford, recent advancement in oligonucleotide therapeutics will be covered

Key Learning Objectives:

Appreciating the different modes of action of therapeutic oligonucleotides
Understanding current limitations of the field
Understanding the nature of the modifications that are needed to produce biologically active oligonucleotides

Who Should Attend:

Heads of Drug Discovery and Development, Therapeutic or diagnostic oligonucleotide development
Chief scientific officers/Senior scientists/Scientists, Therapeutic or diagnostic oligonucleotide development
Process Development, Therapeutic or diagnostic oligonucleotide researchers, business development, tech transfer and commercialization staff


Tom Brown
Professor of Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Oxford University

Tom Brown is Professor of Nucleic Acid Chemistry at Oxford University. He works on applications of nucleic acids in biology and medicine (mainly diagnostics and therapeutics). He is co-inventor of technologies for genetic analysis and co-founder of three Biotech companies: Oswel (custom oligonucleotide synthesis) ATDBio (synthesis of modified oligonucleotides) and Primer Design (DNA-based diagnostics). He has published over 450 research papers and patents. Awards include the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Josef Loschmidt prize, the Royal Society of Chemistry prizes for Nucleic Acid Chemistry and for Interdisciplinary Research. Tom was Chemistry World (Royal Society of Chemistry) entrepreneur of the year in 2014 and UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.
(BBSRC) Innovator of the Year in 2016.

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