Miniaturing Personalized Cancer Vaccines Through mRNA

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Experts discuss the promise of personalized cancer vaccines through the inherent nimbleness of mRNA platform.


In this excerpt from the most recent episode of the Drug Soutions Podcast, Chris Spivey, editorial director, hosts a panel on advances in mRNA. There is promise of personalized cancer vaccines through the inherent nimbleness of mRNA platform. From a manufacturers point of view, how can we best to automate, miniaturize and speed up performance?

For the complete discussion, check out the full podcast episode here.

About the speakers

Dr. Kate Broderick, chief innovation officer at Maravai LifeSciences has extensive experience and expertise in leading and liaising with multi-disciplinary groups from discovery and R&D to engineering and clinical teams. She brings strong and broad scientific expertise to TriLink Biotechnologies, which covers multiple areas, including gene delivery, medical devices, gene therapies for the treatment of various infectious diseases, cancer immunotherapies and vaccine development. Additionally, she has extensive experience with non-viral delivery systems for a wide range of vaccine targets and cancer immunotherapies.

Dr. Thomas D. Madden, president & CEO of Acuitas Therapeutics, is a world-renowned expert in the area of nanotechnology. Dr. Madden co-founded Acuitas Therapeutics in February 2009 and has guided the company into its position as a global leader through the development and application of lipid nanoparticle (LNP) technology. Acuitas Therapeutics partners with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and prestigious academic institutions around the world, providing its proprietary LNP delivery technology to enable new drugs based on nucleic acid therapeutics.

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