Managing Growth During Covid: A Supply Chain Perspective

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This webcast is now available on demand! The delicate dance between strategic initiatives of continuous improvement and maintaining daily operational discipline amid the significant challenges placed on global supply chains by COVID-19. This webcast will discuss the risk-based approach used to minimize procurement risk and optimize material readiness.

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Event Overview:

Avid Bioservices has experienced tremendous growth beginning in early 2020 and continues its operational expansion through 2022. Avid has grown its annual revenue of $60M in FY 2020 to $96M in FY 2021 and projecting $115M in annual revenue for FY 2022. This is all in an 18-month window, which has provided many challenges and opportunities for Avid Bioservices. With the timing of this growth coinciding with the COVID pandemic, one could imagine the complications and challenges faced by Avid during this time. This webcast will share some of the highlights of this period and the way a supply chain organization can balance operational discipline, while allowing strategic growth initiatives to take place.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Establishing an organizational framework that can support strategic initiatives and continuous improvement, while not sacrificing daily operational discipline
  2. Implementing a risk-based approach to minimize procurement risk and optimize material readiness

Who Should Attend:

Senior and mid-level supply chain professionals working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, including directors, managers, and associates.


Joseph Scott, MBA, Ed.D.
Vice President, Supply Chain
Avid Bioservices

Joe comes with 20+ year of leadership experience in the pharma industry. He started his career in Research after receiving his BS in Cell and Molecular Biology and then obtaining an MBA in Supply Chain Management. The last ten years of his career managing Supply Chain Operations at Biogen and Gilead, and currently is leading the Supply Chain operation at Avid Bioservices.

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