Harness the Power of At-Line Spent Media Analysis Using the REBEL to Optimize a CHO mAb Fed-Batch Process

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Thursday, October 13, 2022, at 11am EDT Cell culture media (CCM) and feed strategy optimization can be a time time-consuming and complex process. Presented in this webcast are data-driven and accelerated CCM optimization in the Ambr15, leveraging an automated at-line capillary electrophoresis—the REBEL, a mass cell culture spectrometry analyzer- to speed up and optimize CCM and feed strategy optimization.

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Event Overview:

During the development of a biologics production process, it is critical that the process is designed to achieve high productivity and product of the desired quality. Cell culture media (CCM) and feed strategy optimization can be a time-consuming and complex process involving multiple DoEs. Performing screening experiments using multiple micro-bioreactors in parallel enables high-throughput process optimization in scaled-down bioreactor conditions, but low microbioreactor volumes limit the media available for daily sample analysis. Rapid analytical tools that require a small sample volume at the point of need are essential to assess key nutrient consumption and provide feedback to enable feed strategy optimization.

This webcast will review data-driven and accelerated CCM screening as well as the selection in the Ambr15 microbioreactor system, leveraging an automated at-line capillary electrophoresis—specifically, REBEL, a mass cell culture spectrometry analyzer—to speed up and optimize the process. The effect of amino acid concentration adjustments on titer, growth, toxic metabolites, and critical quality attributes is presented. This case study exemplifies an integrated approach to facilitate actionable, data-driven insights for media and process optimization of a monoclonal antibody-expressing cell line. Conventional cell health and productivity monitoring are supplemented with at-line targeted amino acid quantitation via REBEL analysis. Combined with multivariate modeling, this allows the process development time course studies to be streamlined with improved efficiency, enhanced nutrient utilization, strategic planning, and agility within the industry.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to evaluate spent media analysis for process optimization
  • Balancing titer, growth, and toxic metabolites

Who Should Attend

  • Process and media development scientist/engineers


Bethany Kerr
Team Leader, Upstream Development

Bethany Kerr is the team leader of upstream development at CPI and leads multiple projects that focus on the development, scale up, and optimization of mammalian cell culture processes. Since joining CPI in 2014, she has worked across a wide variety of viral vector and monoclonal antibody projects, using both adherent and suspension cell lines. She is experienced in performing screening experiments in high-throughput bioreactor systems and has production experience up to pilot scale. Kerr is also involved in the development of advanced bioreactor control strategies and uses tools, such as integrated process analytics and predictive modeling, to automate bioreactor control.

Graziella Piras, PhD,
Director of Bioprocessing, Business Development
908 Devices

Graziella Piras, PhD, has more than 15 years of experience in developing applications and solutions for upstream bioprocessing. Currently, she is the director of bioprocessing, business development, for 908 Devices. Prior to joining the company, she held various positions in marketing and R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific, leading projects to support the cell culture and cell therapy business. Piras obtained a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Liège in Belgium. She did her postdoc studying the role of gene expression and epigenetic regulation on cancer and development in cell-based system and mouse models at the National Cancer Institutes in Maryland in the United States.

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