GMP Biomanufacturing solutions: Walk the halls of Getinge Applikon following a stainless steel Project

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Monday June 20th, 2022 at 11am ET | 10am CT | 8am PT Getinge Applikon invites you to get a glimpse of a process for stainless steel bioreactor manufacturing and verification. Walk through the halls of our manufacturing facility and see how commercial scale stainless steel vessels take shape, get to know Getinge engineers, visit manufacturing stages, and hear how the experts collaborate to configure and fabricate a system for manufacturing.

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Event Overview:

Commercial scale stainless steel bioreactors for GMP require modifications aligned to each specific process. Getinge, formerly Applikon Biotechnology, has been a trusted partner for commercial stainless steel systems for over 30 years. This webinar offers a window into how a typical stainless steel project proceeds through the Getinge Applikon manufacturing site in Delft NL.

  • Starting a project right; Sales transfer to the Project Manager
  • System design and associated technical drawings with Engineering
  • Assembly and verification on the production floor
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) with QC

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Hear the Engineers describe design specifications for a manufacturing stainless steel system
  • Learn about key considerations at each stage in a stainless steel project
  • See a system in progress in the manufacturing facility

Who Should Attend:

  • Biomanufacturing professionals and those curious about scale-up into stainless steel bioreactors


Imko Gaastra
Product Manager

Imko Gaastra is product manager for the bioreactor portfolio at Getinge, formerly Applikon Biotechnology, since November 2017. His main responsibility is the large-scale bioreactor line up. Imko has a Master’s degree in Molecular Life Sciences and graduated at the Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands in 2016.

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