Genuv and Celltrion Partner on Development of Novel Therapeutic Antibodies

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BP Elements, BioPharm International's BP Elements, April 2023, Volume 2, Issue 4

The collaboration between Genuv and Celltrion will utilize Genuv's proprietary mouse platform for antibody discovery.

Genuv, a South Korean-based clinical-stage biotechnology company, announced on March 15, 2023 that it has entered into a partnership with South Korea-based biopharmaceutical company Celltrion to jointly discover and develop novel therapeutic antibodies. Under the agreement, the companies will use Genuv's proprietary SHINE MOUSE platform.

According to the agreement, Genuv will conduct antibody discovery services using its mouse platform technology. Drug discovery will be followed by a research collaboration. Celltrion has the option for joint research and development projects that, if exercised, will trigger agreed-upon milestones, which include development milestones of up to $25 million followed by total commercial milestones of up to $680 million. The latter amount will be triggered dependent upon the accumulation of $7.5 billion in sales per candidate antibody.

The advantage that the SHINE MOUSE platform offers rests in the platform’s ability to generate a greater diversity of antibodies than conventional mice can generate. This ability led to the discovery of the experimental, novel anti-programmed cell death protein 1 monoclonal antibody, GNUV201. GNUV201 holds unique features, such as exceptional interspecies cross-reactivity and binding affinity, which allows for preclinical disease animal model studies that have increased clinical relevance, according to a company press release.

Genuv is also developing GNUV205, an improved interleukin-2-based immunocytokine anticancer drug that is made tumor-specific by leveraging the properties of GNUV201.


“We are excited to embark on our mouse platform business with Celltrion as our first partner,” said Sungho Han, founder and CEO of Genuv, in the press release. “We believe Celltrion's in-depth knowledge and experiences in antibody development and production and Genuv's expertise in novel antibody discovery with our SHINE MOUSE platform could generate great synergies in providing innovative antibody therapeutics.”

“Celltrion is continuously interested in antibody-based new drugs and anticipates to discover differentiated antibodies through innovative antibody discovery platform technology. We look forward to partnering with Genuv for the development of innovative antibody therapeutics that will bring new hope to patients with high unmet needs,” said Kisung Kwon, head of the R&D unit of Celltrion, in the release.

Source: Genuv