Emerson Integrates MTP Process Automation Standard into Control Systems

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The Module Type Package standard is now supported in Emerson’s DCS and PLCs.

Emerson announced in a June 3, 2021 press release that it has integrated the emerging Module Type Package (MTP) process automation standard into its control systems for both distributed control systems (DCS) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The MTP standard from the User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries (NAMUR) is a common, open standard that requires less engineering. NAMUR’s standard allows companies to use MTP tools to make new equipment integration closer to “plug-and-play,” which facilitates operations changes to accommodate new products.

MTP eliminates the need for end users or system integrators to invest in additional engineering or special integration tools. By using MTP tools to integrate manufacturing skids and their respective automation systems, Emerson estimates manufacturers and system integrators could save weeks in project time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering costs compared to traditional integration without MTP. MTP helps enable flexible manufacturing, such as ballroom-style facilities where skids can be interchanged with minimal re-engineering.

“MTP is a significant step to help the manufacturing industries respond faster to changing markets,” said Sean Sims, Emerson’s vice-president of marketing for the DeltaV platform, in the press release. “With our MTP implementation, Emerson is continuing a tradition of not only supporting but innovating on industry standards. Integration between our DeltaV and PACSystems automation systems as well as third-party automation systems will help create more modular, flexible manufacturing that improves speed to market for our customers.”


Along with the first MTP release, Emerson has made reliability data from its manufacturing units importable to the DeltaV system. Operators can use the asset health data from the AMS Asset Monitor edge analytics device to consider how the health of plant asset will impact operations and production. Emerson’s MTP tools natively create a configuration file for its PACSystems PLCs and AMS machinery prediction devices that is automatically integrated into the DeltaV DCS, Emerson explained in the press release.

Source: Emerson