Drug Digest Editorial Interview Series: Fundamental Constriction Points in Emerging Therapies, High-Titre Vector-Producing Cells: Part 2

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Dr. Vibha Jawa, Executive Director, Head of Biotherapeutics Bioanalysis in Nonclinical Disposition and Bioanalysis (NDB) Organization, Bristol Myers Squibb, speaks about fundamental constriction points in emerging therapies, high-titre vector-producing cells.


Dr. Vibha Jawa is currently an Executive Director in the Nonclinical Disposition and Bioanalysis for Biotherapeutics group at Bristol Meyers Squibb. Previously, she led the Predictive and Clinical Immunogenicity group Director of Preclinical Development at Merck Research Labs where she was responsible for developing a strategy and provide oversight and management of scientific programs for discovery, development and optimization of biologics and vaccines. Her current research interests include evaluating immune response biomarkers for early drug development and efficacy, immunogenicity prediction using in silico, in vitro and in vivo technologies, modeling impact of immunogenicity on PK and PD and their application to a systems based approach, antigen processing and presentation and the role of T cells in immune response to drug products.

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