Cytiva Integrates Brooks Life Sciences Automated Cold Chain Storage Platform

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Integration of Brooks Life Sciences BioStore III automated storage and inventory monitoring solution with Cytiva’s Chronicle software will improve traceability, process control, and monitoring capabilities.

Cytiva is expanding the company’s Chronicle software capabilities to integrate the BioStore III automated storage platform from Brooks Life Sciences, a division of Brooks Automation, the companies announced in a Feb. 15, 2021 press release. Chronicle software will be able to electronically trace cellular products and raw materials through the cell therapy workflow, including the cryogenic cold chain, between the temperatures of -20 and -190 °C.

The software is designed to optimize complex cell therapy process development and manufacturing. It uses real-time supply-chain tracking, hardware performance monitoring, alerts, and comprehensive electronic batch manufacturing records (eBMRs). The eBMRs enable a manufacturer to define a sequence of electronic standard operating procedures, which are designed for specific processes to manage deviations and promote adherence to protocol for cell handling. The software can be integrated with third-party instruments and has been independently audited against industry standards.

“By integrating a freezer platform like the BioStore III with Cytiva’s Chronicle software, we are helping customers add the documented rigor around cold chain, inventory, and handling which previously did not exist,” said Linda De Jesus, vice-president and chief commercial officer Brooks Life Sciences, in the press release.


“Cell therapies are showing tremendous promise to transform human health, but the lack of automation is hampering manufacture and distribution,” said Catarina Flyborg, vice-president, Cytiva, in the press release. “The integration of Chronicle software with Brooks Life Sciences BioStore III confirms the need for flexible solutions that can connect third-party instruments across complex manufacturing ecosystems.”

Source: Cytiva