CIRM Picks Forge Biologics as AAV Manufacturing Partner

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The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has partnered with Forge Biologics, which will manufacture AAVs to help accelerate gene therapy programs in California.

Forge Biologics (Forge), a US-based contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), announced on Oct. 11, 2023 that it has joined the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine’s (CIRM’s) Industry Resource Partner Program under which Forge will manufacture adeno-associated adenovirus (AAV) vectors to help advance gene therapy programs in California. The state of California is providing $5.5 billion in funding, according to the company press release.

Under the partnership, Forge will offer assistance to CIRM’s partners, which include industry and academic investigators, to accelerate gene therapy development and manufacturing. As a result of the assistance provided by Forge, it is expected that CIRM’s programs will run more efficiently and accelerate progression through clinical phases of development to commercialization.

Forge focuses on accelerating AAV gene therapy programs at any stage, from preclinical to clinical and commercial manufacturing. All manufacturing is done at Forge’s 200,000-ft2 current good manufacturing practice facility in Columbus, Ohio.

“We are enthusiastic about collaborating with the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine to help advance gene therapy programs through our clinically proven manufacturing processes, which may help CIRM programs more quickly reach clinical trials in a state fulfilling the promise of gene therapy to help patients in need,” said Timothy J. Miller, CEO, president, and co-founder of Forge, in the press release.


“CIRM’s Industry Resource Partner Program aims to create a force-multiplier effect by bringing in industry partners who possess resources, experience, and expertise to accelerate CIRM-funded regenerative medicine research projects,” said Shyam Patel, senior director of Business Development and Alliance Management at CIRM, in the release. “By agreeing to provide access to its AAV manufacturing services, Forge Biologics joins our collaborative network of partners who share our unwavering commitment to advancing transformative regenerative medicine therapies for patients.”

Source: Forge Biologics