Chiesi Global Rare Diseases and Aliada Therapeutics Partner to Advance Blood-Brain Barrier-Crossing Platform Technology for Drug Delivery

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With this agreement, Chiesi Global Rare Diseases will co-develop drug delivery systems with Aliada Therapeutics for large molecule therapeutics that can cross the blood-brain barrier.

On Aug. 15, 2023, US-based Chiesi Global Rare Diseases, a business unit of the Chiesi Group, announced that it has entered into a co-development agreement with Aliada Therapeutics, a US-based biotechnology company focused on developing a novel blood-brain barrier (BBB)-crossing platform technology. Under the collaboration, the companies will focus on multiple enzyme cargoes that have been modified using Aliada's Modular Delivery (MODEL) platform. The goal is to establish drug delivery systems that will allow large molecule therapeutics to cross the BBB, particularly for the treatment of lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs).

Aliada’s MODEL platform harnesses the endogenous cell transport mechanisms in brain endothelial cells to efficiently move large-molecule therapeutics across the BBB. The technology enables high therapeutic exposure in the brain, according to a company press release. According to the release, the MODEL platform demonstrates advantages over competing approaches as it offers a broad design landscape that confers an ability to optimize therapeutics for both central nervous system (CNS) delivery and downstream functionality.

"Our commitment to the development of new treatment options for people living with [LSDs] is global, as evidenced by recent regulatory approvals," said Giacomo Chiesi, head of Chiesi Global Rare Diseases, in the press release. "Many LSDs have CNS involvement. With this collaboration, we are expanding our strategy and presence in BBB-crossing technologies and hope to leverage our know-how in LSDs to support the development of an effective and differentiated drug delivery platform. We are especially proud to advance this important research with Aliada, a partner with vast experience in neuro drug development and biologics delivery."


"We are excited to partner with Chiesi to develop improved therapeutics for patients living with LSDs, who currently lack treatments that can readily access the brain," said Adam Rosenberg, CEO, Aliada Therapeutics, in the release. "We admire Chiesi's continued commitment to patients, exemplified by their two recent FDA approvals. This collaboration will allow Aliada to demonstrate the diverse capabilities of our MODEL platform, which enables us to efficiently transport a diverse range of therapeutic cargoes into the brain."

Source: Chiesi Global Rare Diseases