Avid Bioservices Launches New Analytical and Process Development Suites at Viral Vector Facility

Published on: 
BP Elements, BioPharm International's BP Elements, July 2022, Volume 1, Issue 7

Avid Bioservices has expanded its viral vector development and manufacturing facility with the addition of analytical and process development suites.

Avid Bioservices, a biologics-focused contract development and manufacturing organization, announced the opening of new analytical and process development (AD/PD) suites within their recently built 53,000-ft2 viral vector development and manufacturing facility. Build-out of the suites is currently ongoing and expected to be completed by mid-2023.

According to a June 14, 2022 press release, the new suites will be equipped with complete upstream, downstream, and analytical development capabilities. The suites will be able to support up to 500-L suspension culture in single-use bioreactors and various adherent cell modes. The company's viral vector AD/PD team has worked on technologies for viral vector production and purification processes focused on adeno-associated viruses (AAVs), lentiviruses, oncolytic viruses, and other viruses for gene therapy and vaccine applications.

“We believe that we are uniquely positioned to leverage our deep expertise in the manufacturing of traditional biologics to address the growing demand for high quality manufacturing of cell and gene therapies,” said Nick Green, president and CEO, Avid Bioservices, in the press release. “Today’s launch of our AD/PD labs is a crucial first step in our expansion into the viral vector space as we remain laser focused on smart and sustainable revenue growth for our business.”


Source: Avid Bioservices