Avid Bioservices Expands Mammalian Cell Capacity

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Avid Bioservices has launched new CGMP mammalian cell manufacturing suites at its Myford, Calif., facility.

Avid Bioservices, a biologics contract development and manufacturing organization, has completed two expansions within the company’s mammalian cell facilities in Myford, Calif. The company has added two new current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) mammalian cell suites at the site and expects manufacturing in those suites to begin this month, according to an April 4, 2023 company press release.

The CGMP manufacturing suites include both upstream and downstream services. The additional capacity has the potential to generate approximately an additional $100 million in annual revenue, according to the press release.

In addition to launching the new suites at its Myford facility, Avid has also completed its expansion for its mammalian cell process development services, which doubles the company’s total process development capacity. Now operational, this process development expansion is expected to generate an additional $25 million in annual revenue, according to Avid in the release.


Source: Avid Bioservices