ACS-Grade Reagents’ Database Launched

Published on: 

The complete online database of ACS Reagent Chemicals is now available.

High quality regent chemicals are crucial to the integrity of analytical testing for research and development purposes, as well as in the manufacturing of drug formulations. To meet these demands, the American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on Reagent Chemicals has compiled the "de facto" source of monographs for ACS-grade reagent chemicals including guidelines, specifications, and analytical procedures, which is recognized by the US Pharmacopeia in its US Pharmacopeia–National Formulary.

For the first time since its publication, ACS Reagent Chemicals is now available online in a searchable database, that can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. Pharmaceutical’s producers can now learn how this resource can benefit their organization via:

  • Strategies to maintain compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Tips to expedite pharmaceutical development
  • Purity specifications for over 500 ACS reagent chemicals
  • Updated analytical testing procedures
  • A case study on replacing the sulfide precipitation test for heavy metals with plasma spectrochemistry
  • Guidelines for implementing meaningful validation protocols.

For more information, the full white paper can be downloaded here.