Accelerated Delivery to a Development Candidate Enabled by RapidFire_MS

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Webinar Date/Time: Monday, March 27th at 11am EDT|8am PDT|4pm BST|5pm CEST

Learn how RapidFire-MS greatly increased medicinal chemistry cycle times, directly impacting the timeline to a clinical development candidate.

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Event Overview:

For Jnana’s PKU program there were multiple points of intervention that RapidFire-MS enabled. These points included a cellular amino acid transport assay, liver microsome stability, and other in vitro ADME assays. The use of the RapidFire-MS greatly increased medicinal chemistry cycle times, directly impacting the timeline to a clinical development candidate.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Impact that the speed of the RapidFire enabled on Jnana’s programs
  • Versatility of the RapidFire to support the RAPID platform and internal projects
  • What type of expertise required to bring RapidFire in-house


Dan van Kalken
Scientist II
Jnana Therapeutics

In 2009 Dan graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. His first role in mass spectrometry was that same year at Tandem Labs, a contract research organization. Here, Dan learned and honed skills in the field of triple quadrupole mass spectrometry to targeted small molecule quantitation. After a time within a GLP clinical mass spectrometry position at Eisai, Dan joined Avila Therapeutics, a drug discovery company focused on discovering and developing small molecule irreversible inhibitors. He leveraged his mass spectrometry skill base to gain in-depth knowledge of numerous proteomic approaches, protein identification and quantification, full-length protein analysis, post-translational modification characterization, and targeted peptide analysis of chemically modified residues. Avila was acquired by Celgene in 2012 where Dan’s comprehensive knowledge of using chemical biology to quantify target engagement, new target identification, and novel assay development including target occupancy and engagement assays for either reversible small molecules or targeted covalent inhibitors (TCI) proved to be instrumental in the discovery process.

Dan’s deep understanding of multiple facets of mass spectrometry, global and chemo proteomic workflows, and extensive knowledge of ADME methodology has allowed Dan to expand into the role he currently sits. Dan joined Jnana Therapeutics in 2018 where his mass spectrometry expertise aided the RAPID platform in confirming Reactive Affinity Probe (RAP)/Target pairings via chemo proteomics, supported pharmacodynamic studies through metabolomics, and the companies’ medicinal chemistry campaigns with a high throughput ADME triage.

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