A Novel Conjugation Technology that Generates ADCs with a Narrowly Distributed DAR

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Webinar Date/Time: Wed, Dec 13, 2023 11:00 AM EST

Establishing a flexible, robust, reproducible and cost-effective drug antibody ratio methodology continues to be a challenge for antibody drug conjugate developers. This webinar will introduce a novel conjugation approach (WuXiDARx™) that overcomes the challenges of providing ideal ADC candidates using native antibodies and commonly used linker-payloads with a narrow DAR distribution.

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Event Overview:

Conventional conjugation methods result in heterogeneous ADC products due to a wide drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) distribution. Over the last decade, many site-specific conjugation technologies have been developed to address this issue, yet the improved homogeneity usually comes with a cost and other technical challenges. To address these concerns, WuXi XDC developed the novel WuXiDARx™ technology platform, featuring a myriad of benefits for ADC development and manufacturing. This webinar will outline those key elements that result in ADCs generated with ideal developability characteristics and strong in vitro and in vivo profiles when compared to reference ADCs generated using other conjugation approaches. The enhanced preclinical advantages of the WuXiDARx ADCs may lead to better clinical efficacy and safety and thus far, six ADC molecules generated using one of the WuXiDARx platforms (WuXiDAR4™) have finished large-scale GMP runs and entered phase I clinical trials. Multiple case studies and data comparing the ADC quality attribute profiles of WuXiDARx-generated ADCs will be presented.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand current challenges in the discovery and development of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) including the ability to establish ADC molecules with a narrowly distributed drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR)
  • Difficulties and challenges associated with current methodologies for establishing ADCs with consistent and homogeneous DAR
  • Introduction of the WuXiDARx technology platform that reliably generates homogeneous DAR for the most clinically validated DAR formats (DAR2, DAR4, DAR6)

Who Should Attend:

  • Chemists/biochemists and bioconjugation scientists, managers, directors, and vice presidents of R&D, drug discovery, ADC discovery, ADC development, ADC manufacturing, ADC CMC development, supply chain, technology assessment, technology in-licensing. Also, chief technical officers and chief scientific officers of companies developing antibody drug conjugates.

That is,

  • Anyone / any company developing antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) for clinical trials
  • Teams struggling with establishing homogenous or a narrow distribution of drug antibody ratio (DAR) in their ADC discovery, development or manufacturing programs
  • Teams that need a more flexible DAR methodology for their various ADC programs that is compatible with multiple DAR formats (e.g., DAR2, DAR4, DAR6 etc.)
  • Teams looking for more robust, reproducible and cost-effective chemistry/methodology to establish the target DAR for their ADC programs


Qirui Fan, Ph.D.
Associate Director, New Technology Development & Business Support
WuXi XDC, A WuXi Biologics Subsidiary

Dr. Qirui Fan is an associate director of new technology development at WuXi XDC. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical engineering in 2010 and doctorate degree in chemical engineering from The Ohio State University in 2015. He specialized in nanoparticle-Ab conjugates R&D at Core Quantum Technologies in 2015-2020, and led the development of two product lines: 1) “MultiDots” (fluorescent nanoparticles) for multi-channel flow cytometry characterization; and 2) “MagDots” (fluorescent-magnetic nanoparticles) for cell separation. He joined the Bioconjugation Department of WuXi Biologics/WuXi XDC in 2021. His primary responsibility includes new conjugation technology service, novel technology evaluations and ADC discovery client service. Recently, his team updated the WuXiDAR4 technology, and expanded it to include target DAR of 2 and 6.

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