BioPharm International-06-01-2006

Without generic competition, the US is at risk of losing its position of leadership in biopharmaceuticals.

The belief that glycosylation is critical to ensuring the functionality of protein therapeutics-and preventing immunogenicity-drives many manufacturing decisions. But is it time to question this industry tenet?

The overhead expense that comes along with each new enterprise application adds up quickly, and can be somewhat invisible to owners of the system.

Air filtration also needs a filter integrity test method to guarantee the sterility of critical parameters.

Transgenics can substantially reduce capital investment and lower production costs through economies of scale and more flexible scale-up.

Disposables can be used for media preparation, clarification, filling in downstream processes . . .

Columns and Departments

June 01, 2006

Glavin is preparing a plan to modernize ORA through organizational changes . . .

The top 10 Chinese companies in the biopharm sector account for only 20% of the market... leaving plenty of room for growth for Western companies.

Motorola recognized that vartion is the death knell of any process, so the company established a methodology called Six Sigma