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The Future of Continuous Downstream Processing
Wednesday, December 3, 2014, at 3 times - 3PM CST (Beijing); 11AM CET (Stockholm); 1PM EST (New York)

Where is continuous downstream processing heading?  Join the discussion with Biogen Idec and GE Healthcare Life Sciences.

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Developing a Comprehensive Tool Kit for Microbial Identification
Available until November 18, 2015

Learn about the application of various microbial identification methods, strain-typing techniques, microbial classifications, and the benefits of a comprehensive reference database. Attend this in depth presentation by Chris Gilmer, Sr. Microbiologist with Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories and Arnaud Carlotti, President, Eurofins IDmyk.

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New Innovations in UHPLC and LCMS Workflows for the Comprehensive Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies [mAbs] and Antibody Drug Conjugates [ADCs]
Available until November 13, 2015

Would you like to reduce method development time for mAb and ADC characterization from weeks to minutes and establish finalized methods that are more robust than previous methods? This webinar will describe new innovations and workflows for mAb characterization with advice on simplified method development and sample preparation.

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Adding Mass Detection to Routine Peptide-Level Biotherapeutic Analysis
Available until November 11, 2015

When peptide mass information is obtained from a simple mass detector, rather than a mass spectrometer used in full protein characterization, mass data becomes more easy and affordable to include as part of routine LC studies. This enables an analyst to rapidly confirm the expected mass of a synthetic peptide, track individual peptides during peptide mapping method development, build simple quantitative assays for measuring the extent of peptide modification, and rapidly troubleshoot unexpected LC/UV results by confirming peptide identity and the absence of coeluting species in a UV peak. In this webinar, we will review the useful insights available for peptide data that has been generated using Waters Empower 3 Software with an ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System configured with a TUV optical detector and the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector.

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The Benefits of High Performing Chromatography Resins; Including POROS® XQ, A New Strong Anion Exchange
Available until October 29, 2015

Learn how high capacity, high resolution and salt tolerant ion-exchange (IEX) resins can help revolutionize your approach to bioprocess chromatography. An expert will demonstrate the benefits of the newest AEX resin to downstream purification processes, including increased process flexibility and productivity, and improved cost of goods.

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Preparing for the New Elemental Impurities Guidelines
Available until October 14, 2015

With the long anticipated revised guidelines for elemental impurities on the horizon, bio/pharmaceutical companies should initiate plans to transition to these new guidelines. In this webcast, experts (API, excipients and analytical testing) will discuss risk assessment, proposed test methods, and sample preparation techniques.

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Chromatographic Removal of Aggregates in Downstream Purification of Monoclonal
Available until October 8, 2015

The past 15 to 20 years have seen advances in biotechnology that have propelled monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) as the top-selling class of therapeutic drugs. With the increased commercial utilization of these molecules, it is imperative that chromatographers have access to the tools necessary to develop purification processes that deliver safe, pure, and effective drug products. Aggregate removal is one of the most important aspects in mAb purification. Removing aggregates, especially soluble ones, is highly challenging because of their close physical and/or chemical similarity to the target of interest.

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Analytical Separation of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) Various Chromatographic Modes?
Available until September 30, 2015

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are more complex and heterogeneous than their corresponding unconjugated base antibody. Different chromatographic modes can be selected for analytical scale purification, based on the specificity of the individual ADC, the nature of the linker, the attachment sites, and more. With the advancement of HPLC analytical column chromatography, the separation of complex peptide mixtures derived from protease digestions of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and ADCs are possible.

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Fundamentals of Design of Experiments (DoE) in Protein Production and Purification
Available until September 30, 2015

Whether it is for bioprocessing applications or research labs, developing and optimizing your protein production and purification process requires a lot of experiments. As the number of experiments increases, so does the cost.

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Utilizing PepFinder Software for Interrogation of LC-MS Peptide Map Data of Biotherapeutics?
Available until September 17, 2015

The availability of commercial LC?MS software tools for full characterization of biotherapeutics has lagged behind the technological advances of MS instrumentation. Significant effort has been put into software tools to identify large mixtures of proteins in proteomics-based research. However, commercial software that focuses specifically on deep characterization of a single protein has been lacking. While proteomics software tools can be used to identify biotherapeutics, the majority of these tools do not have the ability to look for multiple and unexpected modifications, which are an important part of characterizing biotherapeutic drug products.

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Accelerating Vaccine Development: Regulatory, Biosafety, and Clinical Strategies
Available until September 9, 2015

The drive to bring efficacious, more cost-effective vaccines to market is challenging vaccine makers to innovate throughout the development continuum. This webcast will provide companies developing seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines, as well as universal vaccines, with vital regulatory, biosafety, and clinical testing strategies to accelerate development.

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Glycan Profiling and Differential Analysis to Elucidate Functional Differences in Therapeutic Antibodies
Available until July 31, 2015

In this free webcast, experts from Agilent and Gilead Science will discuss the challenges of characterization of glycan profiles throughout various phases of therapeutic mAbs development.

Audience members will learn about rapid glycopeptide and glycan analysis of monoclonal antibodies using LC, LC/MS and HILIC, and a microfluidic-based HPLC-Chip coupled to an Agilent Accurate-Mass Q-TOF LC/MS. The discussion will include differential analysis using MassHunter Molecular Feature Extractor and other software tools to elucidate functional differences in the studied antibodies.

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Fast, Robust LC and LCMS Workflows for the Comprehensive Characterization of Bio-Therapeutic Proteins
Available until June 3, 2015

Would you like to reduce method development time for mAb characterization from weeks to minutes? Have finalized methods that are more robust than previous methods? The webinar will describe new technology and workflows for mAb characterization with advice on simplified method development.

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Delivering Biologics with a Difference
Available until June 5, 2015

As the biologics market continues to grow with additional launches, expanding indications, and approvals of biosimilars, the delivery platform will play a more critical role in product differentiation. Join us for this webinar to explore the advantages, challenges, case studies and science behind delivering biologics with a difference.

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MAb manufacturing:  where are we headed, cost or capabilities?
Available until May 27, 2015

MAb manufacturing,  where are we heading?  Join the discussion with Gunter Jagschies of GE Healthcare Life Sciences.

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Sponsored by GE Healthcare

Effective Viral Contamination Testing Programs for Biologics Product Manufacturing
Available until May 20, 2015

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers need comprehensive virus testing programs to ensure product safety throughout various manufacturing stages. Learn how to establish or improve practices for effective virus testing programs and review test methods for virus detection and quantitation throughout the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process.

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Best Practices for Effective Environmental Monitoring Program in Bio/Pharmaceutical Production
Available until April 22, 2015

Contamination poses a threat to process and product integrity, as well as patient safety. A comprehensive environmental monitoring program can ensure that manufacturing areas, cleanrooms, production equipment, and water and gas utilities are free of viable and non-viable contamination and meet regulatory requirements. In this webcast, learn about pertinent regulatory and quality standards, as well as best practices for establishing and maintaining an effective environmental monitoring program. Review measures for testing pharmaceutical water systems according to U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) water monograph as well as procedures to evaluate the purity of production gases.

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Increase Control over Quality Management Through Strong Supplier Relationships
Available until April 2, 2015

Understand the regulatory obligations of bio/pharmaceutical companies in a global, outsourced supply chain and challenges with building effective supplier relationships. Learn how a supplier quality management system should provide the ability to aggregate quality metrics in a consistent, measurable, normalized, and repeatable way.

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Navigating the Analytical Development Challenges for Bioprocess Residuals and Impurities
Available until April 1, 2015

Tracking the clearance of host cell components and process additives residuals is an essential part of process development and characterization of biopharmaceuticals.
In this webinar, learn about challenges presented by residuals, regulatory expectations, analytical approaches for cell- and process-associated residuals, a platform method technology for residuals, and matrix effects.

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Sponsored by Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories

Identifying, Analyzing, and Controlling Particles throughout the Biopharmaceutical Product Lifecycle
Available until March 25, 2015

Preformulation screening can identify potential problems and form the basis for long-term stability of biopharmaceutical drug products. One of the main challenges in the development of stable biopharmaceutical products is the control of aggregation and particulate formation. Review how particles can potentially develop through the life cycle of a drug, understand regulatory expectations, and assess analytical techniques available to assess protein aggregation and particulates for innovator drugs and biosimilars.

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Streamlining Recombinant Protein Manufacturing
Available until December 12, 2014

Review the common challenges with recombinant protein production from E. coli, which include protein aggregation, lengthy purification and inefficient refolding processes. A system that requires fewer purification steps and no refolding, with the goals of reducing the number of potential difficulties, lowering costs, and speeding time to market will be discussed.

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Advancing High Resolution Biopharmaceutical Analytics: Why intact mass, peptide mapping, and glycan analysis should be routine and automated across your organization
Available until December 3, 2014

This webinar will focus on advantages of using the Waters Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution with UNIFI Software to assess, monitor, and compare the critical quality attributes of innovator and biosimilar biopharmaceuticals. The speakers will look beyond the high-resolution UPLC/QTof MS data gained during an analysis, to how informatics can facilitate a better understanding of the similarities and differences between an innovator and a biosimilar product.

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