Utilizing RFID Technology to Make Filtration Processes Easier, More Reliable, and Faster

Jun 02, 2007

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is a reliable, accurate method of conveying critical information from point to point. Well established digital data transfer standards ensure complete and accurate exchange of critical data at almost instantaneous speeds. Unlike bar codes, RFID possesses larger data storage capability meaning more information is available. RFID tags are embedded in the filters which make the data available at point of use, where you need it, and inherently less susceptible to mechanical damage. Finally, RFID does not require a specific orientation to be read, eliminating the need for human intervention, thus lending itself to reliable automated processes.

Millipore's new SMART Technology combines a built-in RFID tag and an easy to use data reader to provide accurate filter- specific information. These tags securely store and wirelessly communicate information about the filter to the end user. When coupled with sensors, this same RFID tag could monitor filtration processes in real time and immediately report these measurements, or securely store them for retrieval later.

Improve Your Process

RFID is a proven technology that solves the problem of how to convey critical information quickly, easily and accurately to where it's needed. SMART filters enable process efficiency improvements and facilitate compliance by reducing errors and improving productivity. This is accomplished by relieving personnel of the tedious, error prone manual data reading, recording and transfer. SMART filters with RFID tags overcome issues of illegibility and read access typical of paper labels which may fall off; must be removed prior to use; and have to be visible to be read. RFID tags have the data stored inside the filter ready for use whenever you need it. SMART filters RFID tags are encryptable, permanent, and mechanically and thermally stable.

No Impact to Your Process Fluid

The methods Millipore uses to embed the tag into the filter, to make it SMART do not change the filters' dimensions or performance and pose no risk to process streams as the tag is fully isolated.

Not only does SMART Technology eliminate the time consuming and error prone manual transcription of filter data, you can also utilize the AccuSMART software to perform applications specific functions such as calculating a multi-round housing integrity test specification for each set of installed filters. This unique value is derived using the filter specific information stored on the RFID tag of each filter. AccuSMART readers have an easy to use graphical user interface with touchscreen icons and text in multiple languages.

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