Upstream Processing

Jun 02, 2010
BioPharm International
An exponential feeding strategy coupled with automation doubled protein yields while reducing fermentation time by 25%.
May 01, 2010
BioPharm International
Computational fluid dynamics can resolve performance problems.
Apr 01, 2010
BioPharm International
Computational fluid dynamics is a powerful tool to optimize processes.
Dec 01, 2009
BioPharm International
Gaining a license can be a complex process, but a few key tips can help you avoid common pitfalls and patent infringements.
Nov 01, 2009
BioPharm International
How to reduce plasmid-mediated metabolic burden for higher yields.
Oct 01, 2009
BioPharm International
Automated in-line dilution can help solve capacity, financial, and quality concerns that biopharmaceutical manufacturing plants may be facing.
Sep 18, 2009
BioPharm International
By BioPharm International Editors
To assess current trends in fermentation and cell culture equipment, BioPharm International turned to Geoff Hodge, managing director of process technology, Xcellerex, Inc.; Günter Jagschies, senior director of strategic customer relations, life sciences, biotechnologies, GE Healthcare; and Rich Mirro, product manager, New Brunswick Scientific.
Sep 01, 2009
BioPharm International
To select the right partner for media design and optimization services, several key factors must be considered.
Aug 01, 2009
BioPharm International
Companies often wait for a critical mass before adopting new technologies. But if no one takes the risk, critical mass will never be reached.
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