Tabletop Peristaltic Liquid-Filling Machine

Feb 01, 2018
By BioPharm International Editors
Volume 31, Issue 2, pg 44

The Flexicon PF7 peristaltic tabletop aseptic liquid-filling machine from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group is suitable for GMP-regulated biotechnology and pharmaceutical operations.

The machine is suited for precision dispensing by weight or by volume using the company’s Accusil platinum-cured silicon tubing, and can work with aseptic single-use fluid paths, removing risk of cross contamination. Changing the fluid path can be achieved in less than 60 seconds, according to the company.

The device comes programmed with recommended filling parameters. Users can adapt filling parameters to their application needs; up to 200 user programmable formulas can be stored and password protected for future use. According to the company, the machine’s validation-friendly operator interface can reduce the risk of filling errors, and features large keys and a color display to aid operation while working in gloves or behind glass within a restricted-access barrier system or laminar air flow unit.

The low shear pumping action of peristaltic fillers ensure product is transferred undamaged and with high precision. The machine has been developed specifically for the filling of high value sensitive fluids in GMP production and cleanroom environments, and offers repeatable filling of volumes from as low as 0.2mL up to 250mL, with accuracy better than ±0.5%, to prevent overfilling. 
According to the company, the unit can connect to a range of balances and printers for calibration and batch reporting to help compliance with GMP and regulatory demands.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

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