Providing Process Development, Flexible Manufacturing, and Analytical Services to the Global Biotech Community

Jun 02, 2007

Cook Pharmica LLC is a biopharmaceutical contract manufacturer of mammalian cell-culture products. Cook Pharmica's mission is to provide process development, flexible manufacturing, and analytical services to the global biotech community, enabling its partners to bring their life-saving discoveries to patients. Founded in 2004, Cook Pharmica is a privately held, wholly-owned subsidiary of Cook Incorporated.

The current cGMP manufacturing facility was designed to support clinical and small-scale commercial products. Within the manufacturing area are two (2) 2,500L, one (1) 600L stainless steel bioreactors, and disposable bioreactors ranging in size up to 100L. The facility's design incorporates disposable technologies, segregated production rooms, innovative wall pass-throughs and uni-directional flow of operators, and equipment and supplies to reduce the risk of contamination.

Cook Pharmica's development group offers a variety of mammalian and microbial development services, such as: cell line or strain development, clone selection, cell line adaptation, media optimization, process development, purification development, analytical development, and pre-clinical manufacturing.

Additional contract services offered are analytical and microbial testing, CGMP cell banking, stability storage and testing, and regulatory assistance with submissions.

Centrally located in Bloomington, Indiana, Cook Pharmica offers a new level of transparency by giving clients the opportunity to monitor projects when away from the facility through secure Internet webcams positioned to give full visibility at each stage of production. Cook Pharmica is committed to maintaining strict compliance to regulatory agency guidelines and cGMP procedures, as well as providing the highest levels of quality assurance and quality control in all functions of our facility.

With a current facility of 124,000 square feet that is expandable to 450,000 square feet, and a second independent building with an additional 450,000 square feet, Cook Pharmica is well positioned and committed to expand production capacity and capabilities to meet the needs of customers.

Contact Information:
Cook Pharmica LLC
1300 S. Patterson Drive
P.O. Box 970
Bloomington, IN 47402-0970
Tel: 877.312.2665 (domestic)
812.355.6746 (international)
Fax: 812.336.7167

Website: http://www.cookpharmica.com/

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