Novasep Adds Small-Scale Manufacturing Capability to US Facility

Novasep is building a new synthesis laboratory and a kilo lab at its Pennsylvania, US facility.
Jan 28, 2016
By BioPharm International Editors

Novasep is building a new synthesis laboratory and adding kilogram-scale production at its existing US facility in Boothwyn, PA, the French company said in a Jan. 28, 2016 press release. This extension will allow Novasep to offer both chemistry and purification services and to produce the initial kilogram-scale batches of synthetic molecules that are needed for biological testing and preclinical trials.

The investment is in response to increasing demand from US customers for closer proximity to Novasep’s contract manufacturing services for early-stage development and production scale-up. Novasep has provided purification development services to North American customers for more than 15 years at this location. The new laboratory, equipped with reactors up to 50 L in size, will start operations in May 2016. It will offer cryogenic capacities and standard chemistry, as well as preparative purification chromatography processes.

Source: Novasep 

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