Microbioreactors Increase Productivity

Jul 01, 2014
Volume 27, Issue 7
Applikon Biotechnology’s micro-Matrix technology platform for the handling and growth of large numbers of microbial strains, clone libraries, mutant banks, and cells is easy-to-use and cost-effective. The system offers 24 independent bioreactors in a microtiter plate footprint. pH and dissolved oxygen can be controlled in each individual bioreactor via gas and liquid addition. Temperature is controlled individually in each bioreactor by the integrated cooling and heating system. The micro-Matrix offers a scale down of small-scale bioreactors. The bioreactor’s square well cassette design is based upon SBS-format microtiter plates, which integrate into lab automation robots. According to the company, the PC-based interface offers an intuitive interaction for advanced process control in each of the 24 bioreactors.

Applikon Biotechnology
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